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What is

Computer Learning Kids?


International Certification Program For students ages 3-12
“Computer Learning Kids” program with ISTE Seal of Alignment


Program designed to develop the necessary skills and knowledge on the use and handling of new information and communication technologies. (100% Online, International certification).
Online Modality
Live Classes
All necessary materials are included
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e-Learning Platform IBECLEARNING


Practical theoretical methodology
E-books and study material
Video tutorials
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Games related to lessons
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How is

Computer Learning Kids



In each of the seven multimedia-rich modules of CLK, students are able to navigate and learn about how to use a computer, computer software programs and online tools.


The training platform includes components such as eBooks, video tutorials, games and assessments. This resource allows students to gain foundational knowledge about technology and then practice through application-based online exams provided within each unit of study.


The eBook contains detailed information about each learning tool while the Video Tutorials provide a step by step navigation for individual students to learn “where to click “when using different digital tools. This provides individual accountability and demonstration of knowledge for each of the different programs.


Feedback for the learner is provided within the guided tutorials and once exams are submitted, through scores earned.




Obtaining an international certification gives the user international recognition in the mastery of the tool. Likewise, it offers a valuable distinction, which, in the case of students, provides them with greater facilities to adapt and develop their work with productivity in their higher education; and in the case of professionals, it allows them more possibilities of national and international job placement with respect to other professionals in the same area. Present yourself as a true connoisseur and stand out in the most competitive countries and markets.


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Updated program aimed at developing the necessary tools to face the digital age, for students from 3-12 years of age.




Skills to Develop
Core Computing
Computational Thinking
Computer Programming




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