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Program ITA by IBEC

Despite the real improvements that have occurred on the access and use of information and communications technology  (ICT) around the world, there is tremendous evidence that suggests the growth of the digital divide between countries and within them . For such evidence is urgently needed to democratize access to information and communications technology to allow insertion of all in the information society.


For millions of people around the world, certifications from leading technology manufacturers as; Microsoft, IBM, CISCO, COMPTIA, ORACLE, ADOBE etc., are known and valuable differentiator of technological competence of an individual. That's why IBEC LLC along with major software vendors in the world are proud to present the program International Technology Academy (ITA), a new program that validates essential technology skills, allowing students to explore academic and career options, and take the first step towards building a successful career in the area of technology.

ITA is an International Accreditation Program that allows accreditation for educational institutions to manage the various technical certification careers such asnMicrosoft, IBM, CISCO, COMPTIA, ADOBE, ORACLE, etc., so that their students and teachers can obtain various technical certifications with global validity.


You have a number of reasons to preferus!



Validates the basics of technology without being tied to any product or version.
The exams validate the technology essential knowledge required by the job market.
Support educational institutions and help them stand out as providers of innovative study plan in technology.
Allows educators to develop safe examinations using a browser.
Prepares and motivates the technology workforce of tomorrow.
Lets explore different branches of technology careers.


The institution applying for the program must submit the requirements described below


The institution applying for the program must submit the requirements described below:

  • The institution must have a minimum of one Certificated Teacher (Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop CS4, Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, Rich Media Communication using Adobe Flash CS4).
  • Having the right technology infrastructure according to international minimum standards required by the manufacturer (CERTIPORT, ADOBE, IBEC).

For whom


  1. Junior and Senior College students.
  2. Community or Technical College students.
  3. Teachers. Private Companies Employees.
  4. Public, Government Employees.
  5. Employees seeking to validate their skills and abilities.
  6. Anyone looking to gain knowledge in the areas of communication, visual, image and design with global technological standards.


For the implementation process and launch of the program, a working meeting will be organized between the school authorities and IBEC representatives in order to plan the training and the implementation phase of the program.