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Globalization has generated the need for language skills development. Today we no longer speak of the adoption of English only, if not several languages ​​including: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, etc..
This has brought with it a real challenge for the development of a strategy that is accompanied by a methodological solution to simplify the adoption and teaching of a new language.

The development of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT's) and New Digital Educational Technologies (NTED's) have proposed a new paradigm for teaching and adoption of languages ​​in the world.


The ILA By IBEC program converts the Education Center into an International Languages​​ Academy, benefiting in this way in the adoption and language teaching  ​​to students, faculty, staff and the community in general in a second phase.

The ILA by IBEC program is the result of research and development of a methodology based on a fully integrated e-learning solution with more than 20 years of experience around the world.

The ILA by IBEC program has a patented solution of speech recognition applied to language learning, thus allowing the development of all the skills of a language.

The ILA program is available in the following versions:
  • ILA by IBEC KIDS Version Program(for schools)  
  • ILA by IBEC HIGH SCHOOL Version Program: (from 6th grade)  
  • ILA by IBEC CAMPUS Version Program: (for universities)  
  • ILA by IBEC CORPORATE Version Program: (for companies)
With the ILA by IBEC program, students will be able to handle the different language skills based on international standards. Starting with the English language, on a first phase the program will have:   American English,   British English,   French,   Italian,   German,   Spanish Castilian,   Latin American Spanish Depending on the requirements of the institutionwill be released more languages ​​such as Japanese, Arabic, etc.


You have a number of reasons to preferus!



Program Benefits for Students
Program Benefits for Teachers
One of the.


The institution applying for the program must submit the requirements described below



The institution administering the ILA by IBEC Program must submit the requirements described below for each of the language skills starting with English:

The institution must have a minimum of one Certificated Teacher in managing ILA by IBEC Program methodology.

Having the right technology infrastructure according to minimum international standards required by the manufacturer (IBEC, TELL ME MORE).
Payment of the membership.

For whom



  1. Implementation of the program in the institution.
  2. Tutor training.
  3. Training in the use of the program.
  4. Training settings and syllabus content.
  5. Student manuals (eBooks).
  6. Administrator Manual (eBooks).
  7. Instructor Manual (eBooks).
  8. Monthly training and support from our specialists.
  9. Sending monthly reports on the progress of each student


For the ILA by IBEC program implementation process will organize a meeting between the school authorities and IBEC representatives, in order to plan the training phase and implementation of the program as indicated :

After analyzing the program by the institution, reserve your space by sending a written communication to the offices of the subsidiary of IBEC indicating your interest to implement the program ILA by IBEC. This will allow IBEC to manage and book the quota to cover the membership of the Institution.
Signing a 3-5 years contract for the implementation of the ILA Program.
Processing purchase order of students.
Implementation process ILA by IBEC Program.
Creating Syllabus.
Training for Teachers.
Students log in.
Take placement tests according to international standard
Home Course

For more information, write to the following address: ila@ibecorporation.com.