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What is Computer Learning Kids


Computer Learning Kids (CLK) is an online curriculum, currently offered in Spanish and soon to be available in English and Portuguese, designed to help students aged 4 – 12 understand computer functions, utilize the internet and navigate computer programs such as Windows, Paint, WordPad, and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).



Students gain knowledge about a variety of digital technologies through the online program, CLK, and then demonstrate mastery of knowledge through six different certification exams (Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Online collaboration).


Students also have the opportunity to engage in games to practice vocabulary and other pertinent concepts related to the computer, software programs and living online. Each module has both partial and full course exams, allowing for the students to self-pace and assess the comprehension of their skills at different points within the online curriculum.

How is Computer Learning Kids implemented?


In each of the seven multimedia-rich modules of CLK, students are able to navigate and learn about how to use a computer, computer software programs and online tools. The training platform includes components such as eBooks, virtual tutors, games and assessments.



This resource allows students to gain foundational knowledge about technology and then practice through application-based online exams provided within each unit of study.


The eBook contains detailed information about each learning tool while the Video Tutorials provide step by step navigation for individual students to learn “where to click “when using different digital tools. This provides individual accountability and demonstration of knowledge for each of the different programs.


Feedback for the learner is provided within the guided tutorials and once exams are submitted, through scores earned.


ISTE Seal of Alignment Achieved

In recent years, there have been several studies that address the issue of the use of information and communication technologies for children 4-12 years. It was found that the information and communication technologies (ICT) provide exciting opportunities to support children's learning in the classroom, both in the cognitive and social.
Children's access to ICT's advances significantly, the ease with which children approach the Information and Communications Technology  provides undeniable benefits of educational, social and leisure levels. However, there are a number of risks related to ICT's. Therefore, to enable students to enjoy the Tic's in its entirety and take advantage of many opportunities that these offers them, is key to know what the risks are and know how to deal with them.
In this context, it is important for students to perform activities guided and supported by standards or guidelines developed by the teacher, so that the teaching exploits the technology available, without being necessary for the kids to master it. When it comes to integrating ICT's in the classroom is very important that these do not become, for students, just an "entertaining" tool. It is important to keep clearly in curriculum objectives, raised before and, based on these, to promote in students the analysis of resources and services  that are presented.
The Computer Learning Kids (CLK) program addresses this issue with a global vision, based on international standards set by the Global Digital Literacy Council; it incorporates a set of elements, activities and tasks in a multimedia environment, in order to capture the interest of the child according to their age and support the development of digital skills of our children across the region.
After graduating with Computer Learning Kids Series, the student is ready to take the International Sufficiency in Computing Fundamentals and Internet.


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Program Benefits for Students
Child computer Manual. Multimedia CD for each student, which contains: Simulated practical exercises for better understanding. Practical questionnaires for assessing student knowledge. Comics, where it gives an overview of each unit studied.
Program Benefits for Teachers
Instructor Manual (by level). Planning designed to teach 1 hour lesson a week. Guide material. Answer Book to student questionnaire. Assessment Guidelines. 5 hours of training in methodology and pedagogy on how to teach children computer in the primary division (implementation process).


The institution applying for the program must submit the requirements described below

The institution applying to the program must submit the requirements described below:


  1. Payment of the membership application or request for funds.
  2. Having the right technology infrastructure according to international minimum standards applied.
  3.  The institution must have a minimum of 1 Certificated Teacher.
  4. A meeting with the Academic Director of IBEC Ecuador in order to coordinate the implementation of the program.

For whom

Boy studying the program CLK by IBEC


With the CLK by IBEC program the Educational Institution can offer international standards defined by the Global Digital Literacy Council in order to develop the digital skills of their children at the following levels:


  1. First grade.
  2. Second grade.
  3. Third grade.
  4. Fourth grade.
  5. Fifth grade.
  6. Sixth grade.
  7. Seventh grade.


Girl studying the program CLK by IBEC


For the implementation process and launch of the program, a working meeting will be organized between the school authorities an IBEC representatives in order to plan the training and implementation phase of the program.