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IBEC (International Business E Corporation) is an international corporation with representation and presence in over 75 countries in Europe, America and Asia. Our vision and social responsibility has allowed us to become the best strategic partner of the different sectors of society in access, use and exploitation of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT's) and New Digital Educational Technologies (NTED's), as the foundation to promote the competitiveness of the region and the integral human development of its people.

To achieve digital inclusion and strengthening the competitiveness of Latin America, we seek to be strategic partners in the education, government and the business sector. We have signed strategic alliances with several organizations: international, sectionals, multilateral and social, that allow us to implement the program throughout the region.


"To assist with the use and application of technology, the development and welfare of Latin American and world society"


 Research, design, determine and plan the business models that organizations should implement supported by        technologyto withstand changes in local and international markets.

 Corporate Culture:

Quality. - Provides an overall concept that fosters continuous improvement in IBEC and the involvement of all its members, focusing on customer satisfaction of both the internal and the external.

Commitment. - Provides a sense of belonging to all activities which IBEC focuses on. To Provide the opportunity for all members of society to develop and grow through the knowledge and application of technology, is the commitment of all those who make IBEC.

Social Responsibility. - The IBEC ongoing commitment to increase its competitiveness while actively contributing to sustainable development of Latin American society through concrete and measurable actions aimed at solving the problems of the region.

Innovation. - The management of IBEC´s  innovation aims to create products for the market in the perfect time, using the most appropriate technologies and offering the best quality with the lowest costs. It involves all areas of the Corporation, being the staff the largest component and technology, the variable that adds more elements of differentiation. A corporate culture oriented to technology and innovation is characterized by always being willing to invest. The value-added products derived from IBEC technology which guarantees the best service to our customers.

Honesty. - Honesty is another principle that prevails within IBEC which gives assurance and confidence for all its members. The way we conduct our activities with honesty sets the tone that we are a corporation that seeks the benefit and satisfaction of society.